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Lydie et Thierry Chancelle
27 rue des Martyrs
49730 Turquant
02 41 38 11 83 / 06 17 29 08 16



27 rue des Martyrs - 49730 Turquant

Domaine Chancelle

Vignerons à Turquant




Our vineyard has been in the same family for five generations : with Thierry and Lydie taking over in 2000.  Overlooking the river Loire, it is located 9 km east of Saumur and 3 km from the Royal Abbey  of Fontevraud. 


The domain spreads over 14 ha, around 35 acres, and is divided into 26 plots on clay limestone slopes.

The Cabernet Franc grape variety makes up 60 % of the vines and the oldest ones produce exclusively Saumur Champigny (red wine).  
The youngest vines produce rosé wines such as Saumur rosé and the remaining 40% are Chenin or Pineau de Loire vines producing mainly Saumur Blanc and Crémant de Loire.  
Weather permitting, in good years we can also produce a Coteaux de Saumur, a dessert wine which keeps for up for 50 years.


Our vineyards are cultivated with care: the soil is worked right around the vines stock but the grass is allowed to grow naturally between the rows. 
 The vines are protected mainly with a Bordeaux mixture (bouillie bordelaise) fungicide and sulphur dioxide.

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" Wine as we like it, as we imagine it, with no trend effects or other influence..."