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Lydie et Thierry Chancelle
27 rue des Martyrs
49730 Turquant
02 41 38 11 83 / 06 17 29 08 16



27 rue des Martyrs - 49730 Turquant

Domaine Chancelle

Vignerons à Turquant


All of our wines are harvested manually.


The Saumur Champigny wines are fermented first in small vats and then transferred to larger ones where they stay for 6 to 10 months. 
 For Rosé wines, the whole process takes place in the smaller vats. For making white wines, such as Saumur Blanc, both vats and tuns of 500 liters are used where they remain for 6 to 10 months to be stirred by hand without malolactic fermentation.


We practise delicate vinifications with no filtration and we only add tiny doses of sulphur dioxide when we bottle the wines in the traditional way in our tuffeau limestone cellars, so typical of the Saumur area.


We carry out our calling making wines by respecting tradition, following the rhythm of the seasons and the weather without being too rigid.  
Our wines certainly conform to all the general qualities demanded by the appellation.  
However, above all, we are passionate about making wines that we personally create and like, rather than just trying to be trendy.


The abuse of alcohol can harm your health. Consume in moderation.